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Emily C. Larimer Accounting is a full service accounting firm able to offer you a myriad of accounting services, designed to meet your specific needs.  Whether you're an individual looking for a professional to handle your tax returns, or a corporation or non-profit organization seeking professional accounting services, I can help.

With over 20 years professional experience, Emily C. Larimer Accounting has developed a reputation for providing quality, professional services in a timely and cost-effective manner, rendering to you all of your required financial services without placing strains on your bottom line.  I have helped many individuals and organizations to streamline their financials and take control of their directions.


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Personal Tax Services
At Emily C. Larimer CPA, it's always a No-Charge Initial Consultation - come meet with me and let me show you how I’m different!
"Ensuring that your needs are met in a timely and cost-efficient manner is my prime concern," says Emily,  "and that's why I prefer using EFile.  It's timely, cost effective and has a rapid turn-around." 
So if you need your refund quickly, EFILE is the only way to go.  Your refund is processed and automatically deposited directly into your bank account!

EFILE Benefits

  • Faster refunds - Since EFILE cuts out several manual steps, Revenue Canada can process most electronic returns in about two weeks. 
  • Improved accuracy - Before Revenue Canada accepts a return for processing, they perform a series of computer checks and balances. This results in greater accuracy.
  • Paperless - There are no paper returns to file and, unless they ask for receipts, none are needed. With few exceptions, EFILE is an environmentally friendly, paperless system.
  • Ease of mind - You have a professional prepare your taxes for you and you can authorize your electronic provider to represent you. See or ask me for details.
  • Ease of payment - Individuals can file early and do not have to pay an amount owing until April 30.
  • Tax Planning (what it is, why you should do it and how I can help you)

The objective of personal tax planning is to minimize or defer income taxes payable, as part of a long recognized right for tax payers to organize their financial and taxation affairs in the most beneficial way possible within legal confines.  This requires a thorough understanding of Canada’s Income Tax Act, plus bulletins, circulars and rulings put forth by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), along with other events such as tax rulings in the courts. 

The Income Tax Act is a wide-ranging document, dealing with broad issues such as income from employment, a business or property, while at the same time outlining specific rules in many areas.  As income tax rules are often complex and ever-developing, tax planning should be an ongoing process.  Taxpayers should, for instance, revise their tax and financial plans as changes occur in government legislation and as personal circumstances dictate. 

Review your specific tax plans with me to see more than the science and numbers of accounting!